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  • Aesthetica ia a UK-based arts and culture magazine that covers literature, visual arts, music, film and theatre.

  • In Aesthetics On-line you'll find articles about aesthetics, philosophy of art, art theory and art criticism, as well as information about aesthetics events worldwide, and links to other aesthetics-related resources on the internet, including the Aesthetics-L email discussion list.

  • In addition to interesting general articles, Arcadja Art Magazine provides an extensive database of art auction catalogues, calenders and records.

  • Art Radar Asia looks at contemporary art trends and news from Asia and beyond.

  • Blueprint is UK's leading architecture and design magazine. It provides news, events and articles pertaining to art, architecture, and photography. Information on different design disciplines, fashion products, furniture and architectural design. A digital version is available for subscription.

  • Dialogue is an aptly named website devoted to the discussion of art in all sorts of areas. It also has a webzine that contains articles by various authors on many topics.

  • American Style is a full-color, quarterly consumer magazine focused on contemporary craft, craft collectors and the artists who create studio craft art.

  • The Art Bin is an art-related journal in Swedish and English.

  • ArtDaily The First Art Newspaper on the Net!

  • Kunstepedia is the knowledgebase on fine- and decorative arts, popularly stated arts and antiques, with the exception of contemporry art. Articles are available in English and Dutch.

  • CultureWork is an electronic publication of the University of Oregon Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy. Its mission is to provide timely workplace-oriented information on culture, the arts, education, policy, and community.

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