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Elisa Cellini

back view

Untitled II

16.5"x 11.5"x 9"

Artist Statement

My pieces put simply are a celebration of womanhood. They call forth pride in our bodies: all shapes and sizes and not just how the media portrays the way we should look. Made of the earth they are earthbound in their solidity. twisting and turning as their torsos stretch reaching for the skies, displaying the strength and sensuality of the female body.

I work in clay, hand building these figures. Once fired I paint them with a mixture of raw pigment and gesso, highlighting certain areas with pastels. This gives them more warmth and earthiness than a refractory surface. They are then painted in layers with a technique which allows different areas to show through. This gives the pieces an aged weather beaten look resembling the sun bleached look of an ancient fresco.

I began making pod shapes, like seeds swollen with life. Soon they acquired openings and began to stand upright, taking on an abstract figurative look. With their full bellies and sensual curves they had become fertility symbols thus representing the very essence of womanhood. Although still abstract they became more recognizable to the viewer.

I am now at the point in the evolution of these pieces where the figures are even less abstract and more figurative. I feel that they radiate with sensual feminine strength and the joy of their very existence.



Elisa Cellini

Born, October 14,1964
Hollywood. Florida


Graduated University School of Nova. 1982.

Graduated Broward Community Collage, Associate of Arts, 1986.

Graduated University of Florida. Bachelor of Fine Arts. 1988.


American Community School,London, England

Ceramic Lab Technician, and 6 and 7 grade

Art Teacher.1988-90.

Saint Lawrence School, Athens, Greece

High School Art Teacher,1990-91


The Artitorium, Six Woman Show. Gainesville, Florida. 1988.

The University of Florida Art Gallery, Student Exhibition. Gainesville. Florida, 1 988 .

Broward Arts Guild, Salon de Refuse. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 1994.

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