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Sung-Jae Choi

The Scene of Oblivion-Existence

Mold/coil/wheel, salt, cone 7

Artist Statement


My work comes from common daily life: the alienation that all people feel and the oblivion of the momentary in modern life. My work expresses nostalgia and is concerned with the irrationality of daily life. Through satire, I challenge the absurdity of humanity in favour of a more spiritual honesty.

The title of the installation 'The scene of oblivion', refers to stage sets and a broad prospective of daily life, death, and history - this reflects my own feelings about the historical and contemporary cultural sensibilities of korea.

In my installation, all of the forms are from our daily life and reflect change and repetition. 'Change and repetition' creates the cycle of history.

I do not want to say what is good or bad. It is not a judgement of past or future, it only reflects a moment in time.

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