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Steven Goldate


Watercolors on Porcelain
10x8.5x8.5 cms.

Artist Statement

The technique I am currently using may be called "Watercololrs on Porcelain". Most ceramic colors sit on the surface of the clay. but in the case of the watercolors'. they are used in a watersoluble form (usually chlorides, sulphates or nitrates), so the solution actually penetrates and stains the clay, sometimes going right through to the other side. My bowls are glazed on the inside; the outer surface remains completely unglazed but becomes v vitreous in the high-temperature firing. This method is fairly new. It was pioneered in the late eighties by the Nowegian Professor of Ceramics Arne Aase, and there are still relatively few people using it. This may be in part due to the high toxicity of most of the chemicals in their raw state and partly due to their prohibitive cost.

In my forms I strive for simplicity and subtlety. I actually only use variations of two or three basic bowl, vase or beaker forms. all hand-made on the potter's wheel. In simplicity lies beauty.

The next challenge is to decorate the pieces in a way that will do justice to their form and to the materials;< used.

The clay I am using is David Leach Porcelain. which is manufactured and imported from Stoke-on-Trent, England. It is superior in colour, texturete and translucency to any other porcelain I have previously used. It is also very hard to wok with, so I tend to have a high percentage of losses.

I would like to thank Arne Aase for his pioneering experiments with this technique. lt is stlll very new alld there is a lot of scope for more developments !

Any comments or further enquiries regarding the technique are welcome by E-mail to s94

Steven Goldate, October 1994




Bachelor Of Fine Art/Ceramics (currently enrolled)

Exhibitions (Group)

1992	 Presidents Award for Ceramic Sculpture / Melbourne, Australia
1993 	 Sidney Myer Fund Australia Day Award / Melbourne, Australia
     	 Salon des Arts, Melbourne, Australia
	 Salon des Arts, Melbourne, Australia
	 Victorian College of the Arts / Melbourne, Australia   
1994     Victorian College of the Arts Melbourne, Australia
	 Fringe Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


1992 Ceramic Studios, Meat Market Craft Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Private Collections

-Hong Kong

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