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Douglas Kenney


Sculptural Plate #JR2

Jiggered on a mold andthen assembled, low-fire glazes
23"x 23"x 7"

Artist Statement

Geometric and organic imagery is the basis of my ceramic art. By combining this simple premise in a variety of ways I challenge the viewer by creating tension and harmony at the same time. I use the plate, vase and sculptural form to act as a vehicle, to display geometric shapes on top of an organic background. This whole concept. organic and geometric, was developed during my studies in undergraduate .and graduate school and has continued to evolve during the past six years at San Antonio College where I currently teach ceramics.

The actual visual language of my art is divided into to categories; geometric, derived from common perspectives of the modern human world - architecture, computer images, and even aerial views of cities, and organic, based on natural landscapes, contemporary abstract painters, and Oriental art. Traveling to China, Australia, Mexico and ancient Native American Indian dwellings have also influenced my artistic development. My press molded sculptures are derived from a visit to the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings in southwestern Colorado. The decision to use geometric and organic images is inspired to some degree by other factors, my personal environmental concerns, backpacking trips in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Pacific northwest.

I use the plate form because of its flat, open surface that makes it ideal for surface decorations. In my latest series, I have combined sculptural elements with the plate form to make artwork that is more unique and challenging to resolve both technically and aesthetically. These sculptural plates totally deny the traditional associations a plate/vessel format and address a whole new set of sensibilities. Although, I enjoy the creative possibilities and freedom of this new series, I still make flat ones to experiment with color and shapes on the surfaces, like a painter treats a canvas. In order to make a larger statement, I have started making enormous, 35" diameter plates, which are wonderful challenging surfaces to work with and complete.

It is difficult for artists to pick out the absolute reason for making their art, but one of the most important reasons for me is I enjoy doing it. Fourteen years ago in high school I got hooked on clay and today I cannot imagine doing anything else. Many artists want to show their work in a variety of different venues and I find that having my work published increases the audience for my art. I find this to be an convenient way to communicate my artistic message of three dimensional clay objects in a two dimensional format. Ironically, this reinforces the two-dimensional painting format of a three dimensional vehicle. The concept of my imagery in two or three dimensions having such a wide audience, provides motivation to continue to explore my unique artistic vision.


Douglas Kenney
102 West Norwood Court
San Antonio, Texas 78212-2336
Home (210) 822-7917
Birth Date 3/27/62


1989 M.F.A., Ceramics/Ceramic Sculpture, Rochester Institute of Technology
              1985 B.F.A., Applied Design - Ceramics, San Diego State University
              1983 A.A., Crafts, San Diego Mesa College


1993	"Geometric Perspectives" Gallery Authentique, Roslyn, NY
		Creative Arts Gallery, San Antonio, TX
1992 	Gallery Authentique, Roslyn, NY
	Creative Arts Gallery, San Antonio, TX
	Turquoise Coyote Gallery, San Antonio, TX
l991	Creative Arts Gallery, San Antonio, TX
	"Recent Ceramic Work" Turquoise Coyote, solo exhibit, 
		San Antonio, TX
	"Douglas Kenney Ceramics" Gallery Authentique, solo exhibit, 
		Roslyn NY
1990 	"Perspectives Previews" Perspectives Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
	"Definitions in Clay" (Two man exhibition) Koehler Cultural 
		Center, San Antonio, TX
	1988 "Douglas Kenney / Perspectives of Clay" RIT Library, 
		Rochester, NY


	1994	-Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, TX
	1993	-US Artists '93: Native to Neon, Philadelphia, PA
		-SDSU Faculty/Alumni Exhibition - NCECA, San Diego, CA
	1992	-Tokyo Crafts Expo '92, represented by Perspectives Gallery
		-Dimensions '92, Lenexa, KS
		-MFA Show, Farrell Collection, Washington, DC
	1991	-Just Fired / NCECA, Tcmpe Arts Center, Tempe, AZ
	1990	-Nancy Margolis Gallery Holiday Show, Portland, ME
		-Dimensions '90, Lenexa, KS
	1989	-New York International Gift Fair, NYC
			Nieman Marcus Stores
		-M.F.A. Thesis Show, Rochester, NY
		-A.C.E. Crafts Show, Baltimore, MD
	1988	-The Wichita National, Wichita, KS
	1985	-Batsu Woazomina, Curated by Peter Shire, San Diego, CA
	1984	-Exchange II, Grossmont College Gallery, El Cajon, CA


1994 	-Ceramics Monthly, Up Front Section, January, photo and statement
1993	 -La Ceramique Moderne, July/August, "Ceramistes D'Ailleurs" 
		Section, photos and text
	-CraftArts International, #28 "Visual Interface - Douglas Kenney" by 
		Jack Carter
1992	-American CraftMagazine, August/September, Gallery Section, 
		photo, Newsday, New York, August 28, photo and show 			announcement
	-Deco Deco, Japanese interior design magazine, February, photo
1991	-Raku: A Practical Approach, a book by Steven Branfman, photo 
		and statement
	-Ceramics Monthly, June/July/August, "Raku Integrations" by 
		Douglas Kenney
1990 	-American CraftMagazine, December/January, Gallery Section, 
		photo Art Calendar Magazine, December, cover photo and statement
	-Ceramics Monthly, News and Retrospect, February, photo,
	-Craft Arts International, Events and Reviews Section, Nov./Jan., 		photo
1989	-Ceramics Monthly, Letters to the Editor, March
	-Ceramics Monthly, News and Retrospect, February


1989-94		-Ceramics Instructor, San Antonio College
1994		-Guest lecturer/Workshop, Galveston Arts Center & Galveston 
		-Guest lecturer/Workshop, Southwest Texas State University
1993		-Guest lecturer/Workshop, at Jingdezhen Porcelain Sculpture 
			Factory, China
1991		-Guest lecturer/Workshop, University of Texas, San Antonio
			Juried the 3-D Section of the River Art Show, 
			San Antonio, TX
		-Produced and directed 18 instructional ceramic videos for 
			San Antonio College
1990		-Guest lecturer, University of California, Davis
1986		-Production Potter, Out of Hand Environmental Ceramics

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