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Dick Lehman


Catch Basin #1


Artist Statement

Those of us who have the good fortune to work in the arena of vessel-oriented ceramics are a fortunate few. We have the good fortune of dealing with forms which are approachable, and perhaps recognizable to much of the general populace. As a result we have the opportunity, and the privilege, to address an already receptive audience.

While vessels are often concerned with utility, the best vessels always point beyond themselves and their functions: they direct the viewer or receiver back to the important values which first gave birth to the work. In my case I trust the pots I make reveal to the user/receiver the things about which I care most: beauty, integrity, durability, reverence and awe for life and relationships. The hope, of course, is that my pots reveal enough to nurture and support these values in the lives of others.

Potters who take seriously the mandate of vessel-oriented ceramics have the opportunity to play the part of ancient storyteller in contemporary society. We may attempt to be purveyors of truth and values in ways that address the heart as well as the head.

The world still seeks out "storytellers" among us: there remains a passion for work of power and substance. As we empower our work with honesty, substance, and vision; as we do so in a posture ture of respect and service, vessels will continue to be valued and their stories heard.

Enjoy !

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