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Warren Mather


Stoneware/multiple firings
15"x 5.5"x 5.5"



70 Hobbs Brook Road, Weston, MA 02193  (617) 891-0994


1993	International Invitational Traveling Ashtray Show, NCECA, San 
	Diego, CA
1992 	New Ceramic Works, Thomas Segal Gallery, Boston, MA
1991 	Exhihition of Soviet American-Symposium, Dzintari 
	Institute,Jurmala, Latvia
1989 	L'Arte est Libre, Livre comme l.'Art, (.alerie Caroline Corre, Paris, 
1987 	Livre sans Paroles," Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Lausanne, Switzerland.
1987 	Le l.ivre dans Tous Ses Etats." Bibliotheque Municipal d'Argenteuil. 
	Paris, France.
1986 	Bucher Ohne Worte," Museum Bellerive, Zurich, Switzerland.
1985 	International Ceramics," Kecskemet, Hungary.
1984	Clay Today," Thomas Segal Gallery, Boston, MA
1982 	Reading Matter," Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA
1980 	Ceramics, Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY.
1979 	Impressions in Clay," Impressions Gallery, Boston, MA.


National Art Museum, Riga, Latvia.
International Experimental Ceramics Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary.
The John Hancock Mutual and l.ife Insurance Corporation, Boston, MA.
General Electric Corporation, Fairfield, CT.


1993	Sonoran Snake," $20,000 A fifty foot long ceramic mural installed at the 
entrance to the Sonoran Desert Pavilion, .State Zoo of North
     Carolina, Asheboro, NC.


Janos Probstner, International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary, 1990.
Sigred Barten and Rosemarie Lippuner, Bucher Ohne Worte. 
Charlotte Speight. Images in Clay Sculptor. Harper & Row, 1983.
Leon Nigrosh. LowFire. Davis Publications, Worchester, MA. 1980.
Warren Mather and Bernice Hillman . " Salt in the City, The Sodium 
Carbonate Solution. " Studio Potter .  December, 1978.


1985 - present   Faculty, Boston Museum School, Boston, MA.
1981 - present  Technical Assistant, Boston Museum School, Boston, MA.
1976- 1985       Director of Summer Program, Harvard/Radcliffe ('eramics 
	Studio, Camhridge, MA.
1970             Graduate Study in Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wl.
1969             BA Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wl.

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