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Lee Rexrode



Artist Statement

Pots define a volume and the space (inside) is as important as its outside shape. The walls of a pot are relatively thin, dividing inside from outside. This thin wall or "skin" of clay has interested me for several years because it responds readily to my touch. I often manipulate this clay skin to give gesture to a form and to activate the space it contains .

More recently, I have been dividing the rims of my pots giving the illusion of nesting: one form inside another. Some works are split near the upper rim, while others are divided much lower. Glazing enhances the appearance of being separate forms and this dynamic relationship creates interest.

In addition to its visual appearance, tactile qualities of texture, weight, and balance are important in my utilitarian work. Our sense of touch plays a vital role in our perception of pots because our fingers communicate feelings that the eye alone cannot.

Making pots is challenging. I strive to produce work that is visually stimulating, tactually rewarding, and enrich life.



ADDRESS:    5520 Briarcliff Drive, Edinboro, PA  16412
TELEPHONE:  (814) 734-5978


   1982      M.F.A.. in Ceramics. R.I.T., Rochester, NY

   1978      B.A.. in Printmaking.  Indiana Univ of PA, Indiana, PA


1990 to	Associate Professor of Ceramics.  Edinboro
present	University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro, PA

1982-1982-90	Instructor, Department Head of Ceramics. Worcester
			Center for Crafts, Worcester, MA


   1995   N.C.E.C.A. 1995 Clay National Jurled show that
              will travel for two years throughout the U.S.
              beginning at the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum.
             3rd Annual Teapot Exhibition. National Invitational
              at the Craft Alliance Gallery. St. Louis, MO
   1994      Extravagant Teapots. National Invitational at the
              Nancy Margolis Gallery, 21ST Street, New York City
             The Cup. National Invitational at the Works
              Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.
             Tabletop Concepts 94. National Invitational at
              The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.
   19q3      Clay Out West. National Invitational. Laramie
              County Community College. Cheyenne, Wyoming.
             Functional Ceramics 1993. National Invitational at
              the Wayne Center for the Arts. Wooster, Ohio.
             Tea Party. American Craft Museum. Juried National
              Fund-raiser exhibition. New York, New York.

   1995	American Ceramic Society.  Los Angeles, CA
		Arrowmont School of Crafts.  Gatlinburg, TN
		Ohio Designer Craftsmen.  Columbus, Ohio
   1994	92nd Street Y.  New York City.
   1993	Arrowmont School of Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN
		Ohio State, Columbus Ohio
		Toledo Potter s Guild, Toledo, Ohio


	1995	Individual Fellowship.  PA Council for the Arts,
		Harrisburg, PA.
	1985,87,89,90	Massachusetts Arts Lottery Grant. Boston, MA

   1994	Illustration of Teapot, Ceramics Monthly Magazine,
		February, 1994 p. 20.
   1992	"Emerging Talent", Ceramics Monthly Magazine, Nov.
		1992, pp. 38-43.
   1989	"Thoughts on Function", Ceramics Monthly Magazine,
		March 1989, pp. 37-42.

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