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Paula Rice


Skychild With Skullman #1

Artist Statement

Mostly, I am drawn to the revelations of the body. My wall relief figures are integrated, whole, physical ones, which are then (at least partially) disintegrated, dematerialized, or fractionalized by light. Barely in touch with the forces of gravity, sometimes they just float. Foreshortening is a big element - I enjoy playing with the tension of packing three dimensional objects into a two-dimensional space. I am attracted by combining "real" three-dimensional space with the illusionary space created by incised lines.

My recent 'Skychild/Skullman-l' series continues my focus on "great" themes and primal oppositions. It concerns a tantalizingly-close proximity of opposite forces: innocence/iniquity/death/life. There is an intent to break preconceptions and dissolve apparent differences.



3210 W. Mountain Drive
Flagstaff, Arizona 8601
Home and Studio Phone:
(602) 774-4044


1976-79		Master of Fine Arts; University of Wisconsin-Madison; Ceramic 
		sculpture: Studied under Deborah Butterfield, Don Reitz, Bruce 
		Breckenridge, Wayne Taylor, Ernie Moll, others.
1969-71		Master of Education, Art; Pennsylvania State University, State 
		College, PA. Major Professor Kenneth Beittel.
1962-66		Bachelor of Science in Design; University of Michigan, Ann
		Arbor. (Honors). Double Major Painting and Sculpture. Minor 		Art History. 
		Studied under John Rush, Guy Palazzola, Tom Mcaure, 
		NathanWhitman Alpha Lamda Delta Honor Society. Recipient-
		William Branstrom Prize.


1974-76    	Doctoral Candidate in Art Education; University of Arkansas, 
1975       	Notre Dame Summer Session Workshop; Notre Dame, Indiana.
1964-65    	Putney School of Art, London, England.
		Drawing, Painting, Cerarnics.
1964 		Accademia di Belle Arti, Perugia, Italy.
		Drawing, Woodblock.
1962-63    	San Jose State University, San Jose, California.
		Aesthetics, Drawing, Design.


1994-95 	Associate Professor of Art; Ceramics; Northem Arizona 			University, Flagstaff.
1988-94    	Assistant Professor; Beginning through Graduate Ceramics; 
		Northem Arizona University, Flagstaff.
1987-88    	Assistant Professor; Beginning through Graduate Ceramics, Life 
		Drawing; Northem Arizona University; Flagstaff.
1986-87    	Lecturer; Beginning through Graduate Ceramics; University of 
1985-86		Visiting Head of Ceramics and Lecturer; University of
		Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Beginning, Advanced, and
		Graduate Ceramics; Basic Drawing.
1981-83    	Lecturer; Ceramics, Sculpture, Art History, University of
 		Wisconsin-Fox Valley, Menasha, Wisconsin.
1981       	Instructor, Ceramics; University of Northem Arizona, Flagstaff; 
		Summer term.
1980 		Instructor, Clay Sculpture; Peters Valley School of Crafts, Layton, 
		New Jersey; June.
1980		Artist-in-Residence, aay Sculpture; Ohio State University,
		Columbus; Spring term.
1975-76		Teaching Assistantship in Ceramics, Design. University of
		Arkansas, Fayetteville.
1971		Instructor for Free University, Ceramics; Penn State University, 
		State College; Sumrner.
1969-70		Bellefonte Area School District, Pennsyl.vania. Art.
1967-68		Cove School District, Pennsylvania. Art.
1966-67		Art Instructor, Intemational School, Dar es Salaarn, Tanzania,


1992		Intemational Ceramics Exhibition, uaay Today", Galleri Norby, 
		Copenhagen, Denmark; November.
1992		Intemational Ceramics: Art, Design, and Research", an 
		Conference Exhibition, Posio, Finland;
1992 		Intemational Exhibition of American, Russian, and Baltic
		Exhibition Hall, Kipsala; Riga, Latvia;
1991		lntemational Exhibition of American and Soviet Ceramics,
		Jurmala, Latvia; December.
1991		5th International Triennial of Ceramics; Ceramic Material in 
		Modern Art, Sopot Art Gallery . Warsaw, Poland, June-August
1991		Intemational Cerarnics Invitational Exhibition, "Clay Today". 
		Museum Menzinghe; Roden, the Netherlands, May/June

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