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Lana Wilson

Artifact Teapot

Cone 6, electric
5"x 12"x 3"

Artist Statement

Artifacts like a tarnished copper yak butter teapot used in ceremonies in Bhutan or a Sambura wooden vessel from Kenya hold continually intrigue me. The rich surfaces interest me on these pieces but I am equally drawn by the human ritual in which lllese objects are used. Currently I am using the symbols hobos scratched out during the depression in the '30s to convey messages like "don't give up," or "food here if you work." I have made stamps using these symbols and then made more and yet more stamps. These form part of the teapots and vessels I make in which I try to convey a feeling of ritual use and artifact presence.


465 Hidden Pines Ln. 
Del Mar, CA 92014

     "18th Annual Fletcher Challenge Ceramic Awards," Judges Commendation
            Award, Auckland, New Zealand, 1994
     "1994 International Orton Cone Box Show," Baker University, Baldwin City, Kansas, 1994
            Purchase Award
     "Myths: New Form/New Function." juried, Arrowmont School for Arts and Crafts,
            Gatlinburg, Tennessee, 1994
      Maveety Gallery, Gleneden Beach, Oregon, 1993, 1994
     "Fletcher Challenge Ceramic Awards," Auckland, New Zealand, 1993, photo of piece
            selected for catalogue and for January, 1994 article in Ceramics Monthly
     'Tea Party," invitational, Ferrin Gallery/Pinch Pottery, Massachusetts, 19
     "Cedar Creek National Teapot Show II," Creedmoor, North Carolina, l ~
     "Ceramics '93," invitational, Golden West College, Huntington Beach, 1993
     "Southern California Community College Exhibition," juried, Mesa College, San Diego,
            CA, 1993
     "Ceramic Vessels," three person show, Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York, New York, 1992
      Dorothy Weiss Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 1992, 1993
     "The Seventh Annual San Angelo National Ceramic Competition," sponsored by Monarch
            Tile, San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, San Angelo, Texas, 1992, chosen for traveling
            exhibition, bought by Director of Museum for his personal collection
     "Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Awards," Auckland, New Zealand, 1991, photo of piece
            chosen for catalogue
     Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA, l990
     "Teapots," Gallery Eight, La Jolla, CA, l990
     "High Tea," Moira James Gallery, Green Valley, Nevada, l990
     "A Spot O' Tea - 5," The Clayhouse, Santa Monica, CA, 19851987
     "Sculptural Ceramicists," Wita Gardiner Gallery, San Diego, CA, 1988
     "National Craft Exhibition - Market House '87," Market House Craft Center, Lancaster, PA, 1987
     "Luckenbach Mill Gallery Exhibition of Contemporary Crafts," Luckenbach Mill Gallery, Bethlehem, PA, 1987, Award of Excellence
     "Small Images," Studio 29, San Diego, CA, 1987, Purchase Award

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Volume 14, Pacific Rim, San Diego, 1993
     "Lichenlike Surfaces," Ceramics Monthly, February, l990
     "Charcoal and Metallic Salts," Ceramics Monthly, October, 1987
     "Ceramics: Shape and Surfaces, Handouts for Potters" fifty-five plus page book on glaze development, annotated glaze formulas, analysis of shapes, handles, lips, feet, dnd issues of creativity, time and discouragement, available through the author

     Arrowmont School for Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, workshop, 1993, 1994
     Idyllwild School of Music and Arts, Idyllwild, CA, workshop 1993
     Radcliffe Studio for Ceramics, Cambridge, Massachusetts, workshop, 1993
     "Innovative Glaze Development - Cone 6," panel moderator, NCECA Conference,  San Diego, CA, 1993
     Mendocino Art Center, resident two & one week workshops, Mendocino, CA, 1992,1994
     University of California at Berkeley, Art Department, Berkeley, CA, workshop,1992
     Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, slide lecture, 1989
     Capetown Potters' Association, Capetown, South Africa, workshop, 1986
     "Soft Slab Techniques with Lana Wilson," reviewed in Ceramics Monthly, Columbus, Ohio,March, 1993, pp. 24-25.

     Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA, January 1987 to present
     Mesa College, San Diego, CA, 1981 to present
            Honors Seminar, spring semester, 1993, and spring semester 1994

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