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Nicholas Wood


Flux and Mutability

1'x 22'x 18'

Artist Statement

With a background as a painter prior to my involvement in ceramic media, I find my work consistently manifests itself in hybrid forms with it's relationships to painting and sculpture. I have always been intrigued by the dimensional, spatially interactive qualities of sculptural form. And yet, also drawn to the frontal, illusionistic quality that painting's surfaces yield.

I want all my work, whether self contained objects or installations, to illicit moments of reflection and speculation: with the viewer becoming a reader, and the "work" being a text which has to create its meanings. This opens up "possibilities" for both the viewer and for me as an artist. I'm looking for ways not to close to myself off stylistically, but instead to generate an internal logic that's diverse and open. This allows the work to be used as an investigatory tool, a process to think thoughts and locate them.




510 Lynda Lane
Arlington, Texas 760l0
(817)277-9629; Office/Studio: (817)273-2891

Associate Professor of Art
University of Texas at Arlington
1977 - present


    M F.A., 1977 Alfred University, Alfred, New York
    B.A., 1972 San Francisco State University, California


    -Connemara Conservancy Foundation Artist Grant 1992.
    -National Endowmcnt for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship Grant 
	(Sculpture) 1981-82.
    -Individual Research Project Grant, University of Texas at Arlington 1981.


    1994	Installation - Sculpture, Paintcd Forms, and Wall Paintings - 
		University Art Gallery, Southwest Texas State University,
		San Marcos

    1992	Installation - Sculpture & Wall Paintings - Visual Arts. Gallery, 
		University of Texas at Dallas.

    1989	"Thicket" - Center for Research in Contemporary Art Gallery, 
		CRCA, University of Texas at Arlington. Drawing Installation, 
		Sculpture and Related Drawings (Brochure).

		"Sculpture & Drawings" - University of Texas at Perrnian Basin, 
		Odessa, Texas

    1987	"Sculpture, Drawings, Prints" - Ida Green Gallery, Austin 	
		College, Sherman, Texas.

    1986	"Sculpture and Drawings"- University of Houston at Clear Lake, 

    1985	"Sculpture and Drawings"- East Texas State University Art 
		Gallery, Commerce, Texas.

    1984	"Recent Works - Sculpture and Drawings" University Art 
		Gallery, University of Texas at Arlington

		"Recent Sculpture" - 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

    1981	Delahunty Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

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