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< div style='font-family: Times New Roman; font-size: 12pt; color: #000000' >I agree that indirectly vented chemical splash goggles are the best choice for working with hazardous chemicals, and that safety glasses are not desi gned to provide protection against liquid splashes.  With that stipula tion, I'm thinking about the phrase, "the perfect is the enemy of the good. "  (Voltaire, according to Google.) 

As one who advocates goggles as preferable to safety glasses when work ing with chemicals, I sometimes wonder if getting people to agree to wear s afety glasses all the time would be the greater good, given the frequency w ith which goggles seem to end up protecting foreheads instead of eyes due t o fogging and other complaints. 

I'm thinking a case might be made for "wiggle room" in settings where handling corrosives is negligible or non-existent.

Andrew, in the scenario you described, would it hav e been just as likely your eyes would have been protected at the moment the y needed to be if goggles had been the only PPE choice?

                                          Do n

Donald Abramowitz
Env ironmental Health & Safety Officer
Bryn Mawr College
Bryn Mawr, PA< /span>

Jack - You are right on target - Indirectly vented chemical splash gog gles are required under OSHA's PPE standard and professional best practice when it comes to working with hazardous chemicals - not safety glasses!  I wrote a letter to the editor several months ago which was printed in a n ACS professional publication concerned about the number of safe ty violations relative to inappropriate eye protection in many of their adv ertisements and article photos.  We need to endorse and model the prof essional/legal standard.  It is bad enough to see teachers wearing ina ppropriate eye PPE but also endorsing it for their students in labs.  I would not want to have to make the call to a parent stating it was becaus e of my failure to foster and enforce appropriate eye protection that their child was blinded!
Be proactive- wear the goggles!  It may just save your sight!
Ken Roy
Kenneth R. Roy, Ph.D.
Science Safety Compliance Columnist/Author/Consultant
National Science Teachers Association;
Director of Environmental Health & Safety
Glastonbury Public Schools (CT);
Authorized OSHA instructor

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Would not safety goggle s, impact and splash proof, have been better!!!!!

W. H. "Jack" Breaz eale
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Now is as goo d of time as any to remind everyone to ALWAYS wear your
safety glasses.& nbsp; Call this a public service announcement from one of
our own.
Last week I was working on something totally routine and safe (new
job ...things are "safe" here) and next thing I knew a large volumetric
flas k exploded.  Flying glass left a 3 inch gash on my cheek.  My fac e
was covered in acetic acid from the 5L bottle that was damaged to
f ailure, my eyes had a nice safe front row seat to a rather cool

S**t happens, and it happens to the best and the most diligent when we
least expect it.  23 stitches later I'm going to be just fine because
I had my shields on .

Stay Safe

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