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HAZMAT TEAM SEARCHES FALL RIVER APARTMENT - FALL RIVER, MA - THE HERALD NEWS, 1943808197/HazMat-team-searches-Fall-River-apartment

State and local fire officials were on the scene of a possible hazardous materials situation inside a third-floor apartment at 664 Walnut St. for several hours Thursday.

Members of the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response at Massachusetts Department of Fire Services responded along with city apparatus.

A two-member team from that unit, wearing protective suits, entered the dwelling shortly before 9 p.m.

Officials said they would bring out the suspected hazardous materials and place them on sheets of plastic outside to determine what was hazardous and what was safe.

Anything they were unsure of would be taken to the state chemical lab for further examination.



What is the National Hazardous Materials Fusion Center and its purpose?

The Hazmat Fusion Center is a one-stop shop for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information about hazmat emergency response.
The Hazmat Fusion Center ties together the hazmat training network, analysis of significant hazmat incidents, exploration of hazmat technologies, and continued development of hazmat tools and resources.
The Hazmat Fusion Center offers a national communications network for hazmat responders to share information in the areas of responder safety, training, and lessons learned.
The focus of the Hazmat Fusion Center is on the safety of the emergency responder at hazmat incidents.
The Hazmat Fusion Center has been built from the bottom-up to reflect the needs of hazmat responders.  



Illegal dumping across from Hauppauge Landfill stirred concerns of Suffolk County Police.

Suffolk County Police received a call that multiple drums filled with an unknown substance were found in the woods off Millmay Avenue, across from Hauppauge Landfill at approximately 11 a.m today.

Police said multiple small drums of oil were found abandoned in the woods. An officer estimated less than a gallon had spilled, contaminating soil in the area.


HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS LEAKED AT BERWYN RAIL YARDS - CICERO, IL - CICERO LIFE, cero/topstories/x115381425/Hazardous-chemicals-leaked-at-Berwyn-rail-yards

Berwyn, IL =E2=80=94
Berwyn firefighters responded to the rail yards on the city=E2=80=99s south-east side at 9:47 p.m. Wednesday night in regards to hazardous materials leaking from a trailer.

Upon arrival fire personnel found a strong odor coming from a parked trailer.

The leak was determined to be acetone, paint thinner, methyl ethyl ketone and xylene =E2=80=94 all flammable liquids.

HazMat technicians in full protective equipment made entry into the trailer and found minor amounts of the chemicals had spilled during the trailer=E2=80=99s transport.


CHEMICAL PLANT FIRE BURNS OUT AFTER FIVE DAYS - WHO, -burned-out-101410,0,6466337.story

BUREAU COUNTY, Ill. - The chemical fire at the Euclid Chemical plant in Sheffield, IL burned out on Thursday after smoldering for five days.

The plant has been declared a total loss; firefighters attempted to fight the blaze and save the building on the morning of October 9 but were pulled back after several reported having trouble breathing due to toxic chemicals.

None of the plant's 15 employees were injured in the fire. Analyasts from the EPA will remain on site to monitor chemical levels. The cause of the fire has not been determined.



A two-story building at the Amgen facility in Thousand Oaks was evacuated Thursday afternoon following a chemical fire.

Five units of the Ventura County Fire Department responded after a smoke alarm went off just before 2 p.m. in Building 29 on the Amgen campus, near the corner of Rancho Conejo Boulevard and Hillcrest Avenue.

After fire investigators determined that the fire was out, they determined that the two chemicals involved were sodium hydroxide, which is noncombustible, and lithium aluminum hydroxide, a flammable metal considered very corrosive to skin and reacts violently with water.

"It=E2=80=99s actually fairly commonly used in laboratories,=" said Durk Hubel, a corporate communications officer with Amgen.

Fourteen people who had minor exposure to the chemicals were medically evaluated on site and no one went to the hospital, according to Hubel.



HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A local high school was evacuated after a student released a chemical during a class activity on Thursday morning.

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A Galena Park High School student was partaking in a 'how to' demonstration when the chemical was released inside a classroom. All of the students at the school were evacuated and held in the auditorium while the Galena Park Fire Department investigated the chemical and figured out how to clean it up.
A spokesperson for GPISD said that school was released for the day and the all clear was given around 2pm. They still don't know what was in the beaker, but there were no injuries.


CONN. CHEMICAL SPILL SENDS 3 WORKERS TO HOSPITAL, ends-3-workers-to-h/landing_newengland.html?&amp;blockID=3&amp;a pID=240f30b1fa304275a98c04045fa9d8d5

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) =E2=80=94 Three workers were checked out at a hospital and an apartment complex evacuated after a cloud of gas escaped a discarded chemical drum.

Cyndy Chanaca (Chah-NAH'-kah), a spokeswoman for the state Department of Environmental Protection, says the incident began when three handymen hired to clean up debris at the apartment complex were trying to retrieve a plastic container on Thursday.

Robert Kronenberger, Middletown's deputy fire chief, says the gas was emitted from a 30-gallon drum the workers found in a brook. A contractor hired by the state is trying to retrieve it.

Kronenberger says the three workers were decontaminated by the fire department and were briefly hospitalized.


MIDVALLEY INDUSTRIAL SPILL SENDS 40 TO HOSPITAL, THOUSANDS INTO LOCKDOWN - THE TIMES-TRIBUNE, idvalley-industrial-spill-sends-40-to-hospital-thousands-into-lockdown-1.1 048166

OLYPHANT - It moved down the valley "like a great, big fog."

"It was probably 200 to 300 feet in the air," Throop Patrol Officer Michael Huffstutler recalled. "It looked like a cumulus cloud, one of those puffy clouds."

Except that it wasn't a cloud.

What the Throop patrol officer spotted hulking over the region Wednesday morning was the aftermath of a chemical spill at an Olyphant manufacturer, sending dozens to area hospitals and thousands more into temporary lockdown.

A batch of chemicals was accidentally released Wednesday morning at Insituform Technologies, a Mid-Valley Industrial Park manufacturer off Underwood Road , and may have reacted with a heat source causing an extensive plume to form over the area for nearly an hour, officials said.

A company spokesman referred questions about the cause of the spill, which was contained inside the property, to the local plant manager, who did not return several calls for comment.



MIDDLETOWN, Conn. -- A Middletown apartment complex was evacuated and three maintenance workers sent to the hospital after a container filled with an acidic chemical was found Thursday afternoon.
Officials said three maintenance workers found the container on the banks of Sumner Brook in the area of South Main Street while cleaning up trash at about 11:30 a.m.
Officials said when the workers tried to move the container, a clear liquid spilled out creating a vapor cloud.
"All of a sudden, there's pounding at the door," said resident Alyssa Broe. "She's telling me she's scared and there's firefighters suited up in masks on asking us to evacuate the building."
A nearby apartment building, which contains 82 units was evacuated after the discovery, officials said.


BURSCOUGH CHEMICAL EXPLOSION WAS AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN CLAIM RESIDENTS - SKELMERSDALE ADVERTISER, 4/burscough-chemical-explosion-was-an-accident-waiting-to-happen-claim-res idents-80904-27463475/

THE BURSCOUGH chemical waste plant explosion was an accident waiting to happen, residents claimed last night.
Ken Davies, a member of Burscough Residents Against Transfer Station (BRATS) told the Advertiser that people are now asking why PHS Waste Management, was allowed to be sited so close to their homes in the first place after the explosion on Tuesday.
Ken said the group warned the council years ago that this sort of dangerous incident, at the plant formerly Reformation Disposal Services Ltd, was inevitable.
He said: "This catastrophe is big enough to set alarms bells ringing. These plants should be sited where there are no risks to residential areas.="


LATEST MEDIA RELEASES - NSW POLICE ONLINE, ws/latest_releases?sq_content_src=%2BdXJsPWh0dHBzJTNBJTJGJTJGd3d3LmV iaXoucG9saWNlLm5zdy5nb3YuYXUlMkZtZWRpYSUyRjEzNTcxLmh0bWwmYWxsPTE%3D

Police are reminding members of the public about the dangers involved in the illegal manufacture of prohibited drugs after a fire at a clandestine laboratory in Kemps Creek this morning.

Just after midnight police from Green Valley Local Area Command and the NSW Fire Brigades responded to reports of a large explosion and fire in a shed at the rear of a property on Western Road.


Police are also reminding members of the public to be on the look out for the tell tale signs of a clandestine laboratory in their area;

These are:
=C2=B7 Unusual odours coming from a premises
=C2=B7 Unusual types or quantity of rubbish from a premises
=C2=B7 Frequency of visitors attending a premises at unusual times
=C2=B7 Visitors attending a property carrying large containers or unusual types or quantities of items.

Anyone who suspects they may be living or working near a possible clandestine laboratory, is urged to contact their local police station immediately, or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


NANOTECHNOLOGY 2.0: THE NEXT TEN YEARS OF NANO RISK RESEARCH, http: // -risk-research/?utm_source=feedburner&amp;utm_medium=email&amp ;utm_campaign=Feed%3A+2020Science+%282020+Science%29

Sometime in the past couple of weeks =E2=80=93 I=E2=80=99m not entirely sure when as accounts are conflicting =E2=80=93 the World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC) posted a draft of a new report examining the long-term impacts and research directions of nanotechnology.  The "Nano2=E2=80=B3 study was supported by the National Science Foundation under the direction of Mike Roco, and included input from an impressive array of nano-experts from round the world.  What resulted was a 13 chapter behemoth of a report on the current state and next ten years of nanotechnology worldwide.


BUSINESSES EVACUATED AFTER HAZMAT SPILL - KSLA NEWS 12 SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA |, http://www.ksla .com/Global/story.asp?S=13320512

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) =E2=80=93 The driver of an eighteen- wheeler told police that he noticed his load shift, and then pulled over in this Sutherlands parking lot on Mansfield road and 70th where he noticed a  leak.

 Emergency officials would determine that the liquid dripping onto the pavement was corrosive.

" It can do some damage to the flesh as a vapor," said Scott Wolverton, the Chief Safety Officer for the Shreveport Fire Department.

Nearby businesses, Sutherlands and McDonalds were evacuated.

"We was told that it was a bad gas spill and that we had to shut down but we don't know for how long," said Donald Jones, a McDonalds employee.

A drain was situated in the middle of the parking lot, a pathway to the city's water system.



The driver of an Albuquerque recycling truck was surprised when he picked up a dumpster full of recycling and found it contained discarded meth lab equipment.

The driver then hauled it from the Smith=E2=80=99s supermarket at Paseo and Golf Course Road NW to the West Side police substation, where cops immediately declared it a hazmat situation and reacted accordingly.

Investigators will now try to see if Smith=E2=80=99s security cameras recorded evidence of who dumped the materials.



Authorities in southeastern Pennsylvania say a man created a toxic gas to kill himself inside his car.

Investigators say the unidentified man's body was discovered Monday inside a car in a field near West Chester. A sign posted on the car warned bystanders not to approach because of the danger of the gas.

Authorities say the man died of exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas. Hazmat crews took more than six hours to vent the vehicle and remove the man's body.



MILWAUKEE - A chemical fire at the Cerac Building at 13th and St. Paul forced the evacuation of workers there and two other buildings in the area around Noon. The Milwaukee Fire Department's Hazardous Materials team was called in as well as dozens of other fire trucks and police squad cars.


"We got a call of smoke coming from a smoke stack at 13th and St. Paul," said Deputy Chief Jack Christianson.


Christianson says a product used to produce cell phones self ignited in a barrel sending smoke and flames up a dust collector. Officials say the chemical is zinc arsenide.


The smoke and fumes carried with the winds and several people nearby were complaining of respiratory problems. Crews blocked off St. Paul from 12th street to 25th street as they worked to get the situation under control.  A portion of Canal Street was also closed but Potowatomi remained opened.


CHEMICAL SPILL PUTS SCHOOLS ON LOCKDOWN | GO LACKAWANNA, SCRANTON, PA, a/news/Chemical_spill_puts_schools_on_lockdown_10-13-2010.html< /div>

OLYPHANT =E2=80=93 Multiple agencies including the Lackawanna County Emergency Management Agency, the Olyphant Fire Department and the American Red Cross of Lackawanna County, responded to reports of a chemical spill in the Mid Valley Industrial Park Wednesday morning.

click image to enlarge
Emergency officials direct traffic at the intersection of East Lackawanna Avenue and Underwood Road in Olyphant late Wednesday morning.
Jason Riedmiller photo / For Go Lackawanna
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Times Leader Photo Store
Mike Rusyn, assistant chief with the Liberty Fire Department, Olyphant, said crews responded to a peroxide spill from Insituform Technologies that was first called in at 9:30 a.m.

"When we were coming in to respond to the call, the sky was filled with a big, white cloud,=" Rusyn said.

Multiple buildings along Mid Valley Drive were evacuated for reports of chemical odors in their buildings.

According to Rusyn, the peroxide had not been mixed with any other chemicals.



MARION -- Three students and an instructor were taken to Marion General Hospital and about 850 students were evacuated from Tri-Rivers Career Center after a can of insecticide broke open in a floral design class Tuesday afternoon.

Instructor Dave Woessner, a 30-year teacher, dropped a pressurized can of Duraplex TR at about 2 p.m. in a class of seven students, according to Marion County Sheriff Tim Bailey.

Woessner placed the can in a bag and summoned fellow instructor Brian Thomas into the room.

Thomas, who teaches the firefighting and first-responders class at the school, called director of academics Jodi Gaietto and Gaietto decided to evacuate the school.

Firefighters from First Consolidated Fire District arrived on the scene, along with crews from three fire departments.

A decontamination and shower area was set up behind the school as the floral students milled about behind the facility. The seven students that were in the class took showers on site and were issued safety suits while their clothes were collected, according to Bailey.


NEWS TRIBUNE - NEWS - NCI - EPA: AREA RESIDENTS NOT LIKELY TO SEE LONG-TERM HEALTH PROBLEMS FROM EUCLID BLAZE, efault.asp?article=23712&amp;aname=EPA%3A+Area+residents+not+likel y+to+see+long-term+health+problems+from+Euclid+blaze

Bureau County residents exposed to fumes from Saturday's fire at Euclid Chemical Company near Sheffield aren't likely to experience long-term detrimental health effects, federal employees told the Bureau County board at its regular meeting Tuesday. 
A number of firefighters and local residents complained of symptoms Saturday, said Mark Johnson from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. ATSDR works with the Environmental Protection Agency and local health departments to assess health impacts of exposure to contaminants that might occur as a result of incidents like Saturday's chemical fire that destroyed the local plastics plant. About 20 firefighters were affected and some were taken to local hospitals, he said.
"Three of those appeared to be admitted with symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and nausea, which is consistent with chemical exposure," said Johnson.
Some residents also reported respiratory problems and asthma attacks, Johnson said, but these effects seem to be short-term irritations.



The Pikes Peak Regional Medical Center in Teller County was evacuated Wednesday afternoon after a small chemical spill in the lab.

About 50 patients and employees were removed from the hospital and the adjacent medical center around 1 p.m. after a spill in the lab caused concern vapors would get into the ventilation system and cause skin irritation, said Sheryl Decker, Teller County administrator.

Patients were placed in ambulances to keep warm while the Northeast Teller County Fire Department and Regional Hazmat team worked to clean the spill and clear the air. People were returned to the building around 2:30 p.m.


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