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Subject: 8 Re: [DCHAS-L] students doing research

From: Anne Skinner <Anne.R.Skinner**At_Symbol_Here**>
Date: February 24, 2011 2:24:26 PM EST
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Subject: Re: [DCHAS-L] students doing research

Our summer students are employees and so are covered by the standard provisions of, e.g., workmen's comp.

Anne Skinner

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From: Dennis Stachura <stachurad**At_Symbol_Here**< /a>>
Date: February 24, 2011 12:19:43 PM EST
Subject: Re: [DCHAS-L] students doing research


Our policy here at Montclair State is that NO student is allowed to be doing research unless they registered for it or they are being supported by a grant.  Here the students have the ability to enroll in a course to "audit" it.  This means they get to take the course (and pay for it) but they receive no grade for it.

Dennis Stachura

From: Leslie Coop <lbcoop**At_Symbol_Here**>
Date: February 24, 2011 12:00:13 PM EST
Subject: Re: [DCHAS-L] students doing research

We recently created the policy and form in the links I have put below. ries.pdf 20in%20Labs%20Registration%20Form2.pdf



Leslie B. Coop, CCHO | Lab Manager, Safety Coordinator | Chemistry Department
University of Arkansas at Little Rock | 2801 S. University Ave. | Little Rock, AR 72204
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From: "Mary Cavanaugh" <cavanaughmm**At_Symbol_Here**>< /font>
Date: February 24, 2011 3:19:52 PM EST
Subject: RE: [DCHAS-L] students doing research

For research involving human blood and other potentially infectious materials, I developed a simple one-page form for the student, which can be used whether they are in a course or not.  Our attorney tweaked it a bit and then signed off on us using it.


For other research, you bring up a good question and I=92d be curious to see what others are doing.



Mary M. Cavanaugh CIH
University Industrial Hygienist
IH Office, JET Bldg
Occupational Safety & Health Office
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From: Don Abramowitz <dabramow**At_Symbol_Here**>
Date: February 24, 2011 12:07:56 PM EST
Subject: Re: [DCHAS-L] students doing research

I'm not clear what the difference in liability is with regard to whether or not the student is enrolled in a course.  Seems to me your liability is pretty much the same in both instances (i.e., plenty of general liability). 

Whether an injury occurs inside or outside of a specific course, the relationship between the student and the institution is more or less that same.  (Potentially, plaintiff and defendant.)  Now, if they were paid for work over the summer, they would be employees, and injuries would be addressed under workers compensation, which clearly reduces your general liability exposure.  Might want to discuss this with your insurance broker and/or general counsel.  

Donald Abramowitz
Environmental Health & Safety Officer
Bryn Mawr College
Bryn Mawr, PA


From: Dawn Errede <erred001**At_Symbol_Here**>
Date: February 24, 2011 12:08:51 PM EST
Subject: Re: [DCHAS-L] students doing research

We have lab volunteers sign a 'release of liability' form ( t/OGC-SC105W.doc).  If the volunteer is less than 18, the parent or guardian must also sign.  In addition, those working in the lab are to be trained as if they were employees on lab safety, the lab safety plan, pertinent SOPs etc.  Training must be documented and documentation maintained, the same as employees.

Dawn C. Errede, PhD, CIH
Chemical Hygiene Officer, U of MN - DEHS
410 Church St.S.E., Minneapolis MN  55455
(ph) 612-626-2330 (fx) 612-624-1949


From: "Russell Vernon" <russell.vernon**At_Symbol_Here**>
Date: February 24, 2011 12:17:31 PM EST
Subject: RE: [DCHAS-L] students doing research

Hi Patricia,
If it weren=92t for undergraduates doing research here, a lot wouldn=92t be discovered.
The campus has a strong program to include undergraduate in research=85 esearch/


In general we register them as volunteers and cover any injuries under worker=92s comp.


Have written rules and expectations is a good thing.




Russell Vernon, Ph.D.
Environmental Health & Safety
University of California, Riverside
900 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92521


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From: "Samuella B. Sigmann" <sigmannsb**At_Symbol_Here**>
Date: February 24, 2011 3:10:16 PM EST
Subject: Re: [DCHAS-L] students doing research
Reply-To: sigmannsb**At_Symbol_Here**

Hi Pat - We have all kinds of release forms for different things such as proof of insurance, liability, internship, underage, etc.  If you like I can send them to you to look at.  We always run new ones by our lawyer.



Date: February 24, 2011 12:10:40 PM EST
Subject: Re: [DCHAS-L] students doing research

Contact the Council on Undergraduate Research at We have an active undergraduate research program. The interested students complete the same safety training that our student workers participate in. With a faculty mentor's supervision, our students have a very rewarding experience. 

Vicki Stanavitch
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