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After each Counc il Meeting the ACS provides a summary for the Councilors to communicate wit h the membership they represent – Sorry if this is a repost –


Elec tion Results

·         The Committee on Nominations and Elections presented to the Council t he following nominees for selection as candidates for President-Elect, 2012 : Judith L. Benham, Dennis Chamot, Diane Grob Schmidt, and Marinda Li Wu. B y electronic ballot, the Council selected Dennis Chamot and Marinda Li Wu a s candidates for 2012 President-Elect.  These two candidates, along wi th any candidates selected via petitions, will stand for election in the Fa ll National Election.

·          The Committee on Nominations and Elections announced the results of th e election to select candidates from the list of nominees to represent Dist rict III and District VI on the Board of Directors for the term 2012-2014.& nbsp; Nominees for District III included Susan B. Butts, Pat N. Confalone, David J. Lohse, and Judith A. Summers-Gates.  Nominees for District VI included G. Bryan Balazs, Bonnie A. Charpentier, Carlos G. Gutierrez, and Victor J. Hruby.  By mail ballot, the Councilors from these districts selected Pat N. Confalone and David J. Lohse as District III candidates; an d Bonnie A. Charpentier and Carlos G. Gutierrez as District VI candidates. Ballots will be mailed on or before October 10 to all members in District I II and District VI for election of a Director from each District.

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Candidates for Directors -at-Large

·         The Committee on Nominations and Elections announced the selection of the follo wing candidates for Directors-at-Large for a 2012-2014 term: Ken B. Anderso n, William F. Carroll, Jr., Charles E. Kolb, and Barbara A. Sawrey.  T he election of two Directors-at-Large will be conducted in the fall.  Ballots will be mailed to the Council on or before October 10. 


Change in Committee Charge

·        ;  The Council VOTED to amend the chart er of the Committee on Technician Affairs to include updated terminology.

The Society’s Finances

·         In spite of the economic challenges faced in 2010 , the Society’s operating performance held up remarkably well.  Total revenue was $463.7 million, up +0.8% from 2009, and $2.4 million (+0. 5%) higher than the 2010 budget.  The Net from Operations was $23.8 mi llion, or $11.9 million favorable to budget.  This resulted largely fr om cost containment initiatives and lower-than-budgeted salaries and fringe benefits.


2012 Member Dues

·          The Council V OTED to set the member dues for 2012 at the fully escalated rate of $148. T his rate is established pursuant to an inflation-adjustment formula in the ACS Constitution and Bylaws. 


Petitions to Amend the Constitutio n and Bylaws

< p class="MsoNormal">(For Consideration)

·         < /span>The Council received one petition for consideration:   The Petition on Position Statements.  The Petition on Position Statements seeks to assure that the Board of Directors has primacy in issui ng position statements that establish policy for the full Society and that Society bodies other than the Board may issue statements on issues that fal l solely in their jurisdiction so long as they do not impair other Society bodies’ ability to do the same. Action is expected on this petition a t the fall Council meeting.

Local Section Name Change and Grant Deadlines < /p>

·         The Counci l VOTED to change the name of the Northeast Oklahoma Section to the Norther n Oklahoma Section.  This name change is due to the recent merger of t he North Central Oklahoma Section and its territories into the Northeast Ok lahoma Section.  The proposed name change more closely reflects the co mbined territories of the two Sections.

·         The Council was reminded of grant deadlin es from the Committee on Local Section Activities as follows:

o   Science Café Grants – Ongoing

o   Bridging the Gap: Stu dent Member Grant – December 1

o   Bridging the Gap: IYC Grant – June 1

o   Innovative Pr oject Grants – June 30

o   Joint LSAC/IAC International Interaction Grant – TBA

Division Allotment Calculator


·         The Council VOTED to continue for three years th e current formula for determining allotments to divisions.

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Member Sta tistics

< span style='mso-list:Ignore'>·         Membership recruitment efforts were exceptionally successful in 2010.    It is particularly impressive that due to effici encies in recruiting efforts, the net cost to recruit the more than 25,000 new members decreased from $122 per member in 2008 to $67 in 2010 despite i ncreases in costs for postage and printing.  The official membership n umber for 2011 stands at 163,111.


Attendance Report

·         As of March 30, 2011, the ACS spring national meeting had attracted 14,047 registrants as follows:  Regular attendees, 7,336; Students, 4,682; Exhibitors, 1 ,097; Exposition only, 599; and Guests, 333.

Petition t o Charter New International Chemical Sciences Chapters

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·          The Council V OTED to authorize the formation of the following two new international chem ical sciences chapters: the Shanghai International Chemical Sciences Chapte r and the Thailand International Chemical Sciences Chapter. 



The Board’s Committee s, Advisory Boards and Working Groups

The Board of Directors r eceived reports from the Committees on Professional & Member Relations (P&MR), Grants and Awards (G&A), and Planning, along with its Execu tive Committee.

The Committee on Grants and Awards presented the Board wi th a screened list of nominees for the 2012 Priestley Medal and the 2012 Aw ard for Volunteer Service to the ACS.    The Board VOTED to approve the screened lists, and will now vote on, and announce, the winners of these two awards after its June meeting.  On the recommendation of G&A, the Board VOTED that Regulation III, Section 13, paragraph 2 (and related language) be removed from the Charter, Constitution, Bylaws and Re gulations (Bulletin 5) of the American Chemical Society, because effective January 1, 2011, the ACS Petroleum Research Fund no longer provides a 1% al location to the ACS Green Chemistry Institute®.

The Chair briefed the Board on items arising from the Executive Committee meeting, in cluding agreement of the Board’s role at the Leadership Institute and attendance at various other conferences and events.

On the recommendati on of the Board Logistics and Training group, the Board agreed to change th e group’s name to the Board Operations and Technology Team.  Sev eral topics were presented with regard to improving the effectiveness of Bo ard operations.

The Board received a thorough report from the Pres idential Task Force on Innovation in the Chemical Enterprise: New Technolog ies for the Society, New Jobs for Chemists. The Board heard the task force report recommendations on how ACS could help entrepreneurs create U.S. jobs for chemists. The Board reached consensus in support of the next steps out lined by the task force. The recommendations from this report will be sent to all Councilors.

Strategic Issue:  ACS Worldwide Strategy 

At this meeting, the Board continued its discussion of a Soc iety Worldwide strategy as a follow-up to the strategic issues retreat in J anuary, and is also involving the Planning Committee in a more thorough rev iew to engage other members and stakeholders in these discussions.  Th e Board plans to wrap up its ACS Worldwide strategy discussions by year-end .

Plan for a Financial Planning Conference 

Every t hree to five years, the Board, with the Committee on Budget and Finance, ho lds a conference to discuss in greater detail the Society’s finances and its financial objectives.  In Anaheim, the Board was briefed on th e preliminary plans and desired outcomes for the 2011 Financial Planning Co nference, to be held in June.  The theme for this conference is “ ;Ensuring the Society’s Financial Sustainability and Growth in a Peri od of Extraordinary Change.”


The Executive Director/CEO R eport

< p class="MsoNormal">The Executive Director/CEO and several of her direct re ports updated the Board on the activities of CAS (Chemical Abstracts Servic e), the ACS Publications Division, and the Society’s General Counsel.   The General Counsel report included an update on the ACS vs. Leadsco pe litigation.  ACS’s appeal, which is supported by several prom inent Ohio organizations and the Ohio Attorney General, has been accepted b y the Ohio Supreme Court, and is under review by that body. As a follow-up to the Publications report, the Board VOTED to approve three editor reappoi ntments to ACS journals.


Compensation of Society Executive Sta ff

The Board received a report from its Committee on Executiv e Compensation and VOTED to approve several actions relative to compensatio n for the Society’s Executive staff.   The compensation of the Society’s Executive staff receives regular review from the Board.  

< /p>

Other Society Issues

The Board rec eived a report from the President-Elect on plans and priorities during his presidential year. The Board also reviewed and discussed the presidential s uccession budget - particularly in light of increasing international and do mestic travel demands. 


The Board VOTED to ratify several consent a ctions taken since its December meeting, including editor appointments, an appointment to the Board Committee on Executive Compensation, and a reappoi ntment to the Governing Board for Publishing.   

The S ociety’s International Activities

The American Chemical Society and the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (a federation of 28 chemical societies of countries and territories in the Asia Pacific) agreed to a three-year collaboration alliance characterized by mutual benefits, i mpact, and commitment to cooperation in service to chemical scientists, eng ineers and professionals represented by the respective organizations.  The signing of this memorandum of understanding took place during a specia l ceremony at the Board’s regular session.

The Board also received reports from several international guests representing the following scien tific societies:   the Chemical Society for Canada, the Latin Ame rican Federation of Chemical Associations, the German Chemical Society, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), the Mexican Che mical Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies. 

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