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I've never had a problem getting pesticideMSDSs - I've found that the manufacturer's keep the MSDS & Label ontheir web sites. I've added the label to our intranet web MSDS programso our pest guys can point to that for a label when they are out &about doing their thing.

And my Home Depot incident was onlya few months ago. I was hoping the service desk would have the MSDSs, butI didn't ask. The paint guy didn't know & that's where the solventsare sold.

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MSDSs exist for pesticides,they are just hard to get. That's because they are required for workerprotection in the plants that make the pesticide, under the OSHA HazardCommunication rules. FIFRA trumps the labeling both inside and outsidethe workplace, and MSDSs are not required for pesticide applicators. I'vesometimes called the pesticide manufacturer and gotten an MSDS or at leasta full listing of ingredients.
This is a fairly importantissue because the "inert" ingredients can be hazardous.
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Re: [DCHAS-L] legal question on MSDS's

I would be surprised if you gotthis answer at a Home Depot ever again. Each store has a designated safetyperson who can easily obtain this information online.  They, alongwith at least 14 other retailers require their suppliers to enter chemicaldata into a web portal and manage MSDS centrally.  Nothing like a$10 or $15 million fine for inadvertent waste disposal to get your attention.

On Jun 7, 2012, at 4:33 AM,
Killing bugs, presumably with an EPA registeredpesticide, is not under the OSHA hazcom rules (pesticides are specificallyexempted from this rule). This is a requirement of the EPA FIFRA pesticiderules. The exterminator is required by EPA to provide the LABEL to thehomeowner/occupant. Not an (M)SDS.

I once asked the guy in Home Depot for an MSDS for some paint solvent Iwas going to buy & he looked at me like I was from Mars & had noidea what I was talking about. Said he never heard of it! (my daughterrolled her eyes and gave him the 'oh-oh wrong answer' look!)

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[DCHAS-L]legal question on MSDS's
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What can I say, it's summer so I have time to catch up on some things
that have been building.

How does it work if a bug killing company (removing termites or
whatever) applies something in a household, and then gives an MSDS to
the home owners?  While I appreciate that they are warning them ofthe
hazards, what is the reason for doing such a thing?  Are they required
to warn people of the hazards, and are people expected to understand
what these documents mean?  I don't remember ever receiving an MSDSwhen
I bought something from a hardware store (though I know I could get one,
and of course I would know what it means, but I don't think my dad would
- but he would know who to ask).

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.  I have been asked a question
on this and wanted to know some thoughts.

Thanks so much

Dave (again)

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