=46rom AIChE's Center for Chemical Process Safety, the Process Safety Beacons for the last few months:

Bhopal - The Worst Industrial Disaster in History - "Take some time this month to learn about the incident, and what it means to you in your job."

What is the Process Risk? - "You should be aware of all process risks in your plant, and your role in managing all of those process risks."

Who are All These People?" - "Too many people in the area, whether the control room or the plant, can be a distraction, causing bad decisions which could lead to serious process safety events. They may also be injured by the event, and there was no good reason for them to be in the area."

Details Matter in Process Safety - "You never know which apparently minor detail can initiate a major event, so you have to pay attention to all of them!" (references the nuclear waste disposal possible typo)

Safe Work Practices - "If you are doing the non-routine work activity, make sure that you have the required permit, follow all of the required procedures to control hazards, and use the proper personal protective equipment."