Those who shared a #MyChemSafetyTip were entered in a raffle to win a safety mole (Credit: ChemClub)

Those who shared a #MyChemSafetyTip were entered in a raffle for a safety mole (Credit: ChemClub)

If it's Tuesday, that means it's #SafetyTuesday on Twitter. The American Association of Chemistry Teachers promotes the hashtag as a means to discuss and share safety information.

AACT also teamed up with the ACS high school ChemClub last month to get people to share #MyChemSafetyTip on social media. Here are a few examples:

And from Facebook:

Wear your googles. I give a few extra credit points for labs to students who put their goggles on (over their eyes!) and leave them on the entire lab without needing to be reminded. They'll do almost anything for extra credit, so this works great!

ChemClub has the responses compiled over at its blog, so head over there for more. And check out today's #SafetyTuesday tweets.