JCHAS coverHere's what's in the May-June issue of the Journal of Chemical Health & Safety:

Editorial: How did I survive? by Harry J. Elston

Letter to the editor about "rainbow" demonstrations; from Scott Owen, Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department, and William C. Penker, Sycamore Consulting Group

Dissolution rates of five inorganic mine ore inorganic elements in synthetic lung fluid; David S. Adams, Jordan C. Koyle, Leon F. Pahler, Matthew S. Thiese, and Rodney R. Larson (University of Utah)

Investigation of injury/illness data at a nuclear facility: Part II; Michael E. Cournoyer, Vincent E. Garcia, Arnold N. Sandoval, Gerald L. George, David C. Gubernatis, and Stephen B. Schreiber (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Protective equipment for small-scale laboratory explosive hazards. Part 2. Shielding materials, eye and face protection; Chris Murray, Peter Jenkins, and Stephen Miller (AWE)

Methacrylonitrile; by William E. Luttrell and Joshua T. Dilley (Oklahoma Christian University)

Rules, Regulations and Codes for Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, NextGen Air Transportation, Unmanned Air Systems; by David Rainer (North Carolina State University)

Adjusting to the arbitrary; by John DeLaHunt

Sewers and vent systems; by Dennis C. Hendershot (AIChE Center for Chemical Process Safety)

Little safety hazards; Peter C. Ashbrook (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Safety & ethics; Neal Langerman (Advanced Chemical Safety)