From AIChE's Center for Chemical Process Safety, the "Process Safety Beacons" for the last few months:

Unloading and Loading Hazardous Materials - While the things you do... may seem simple - usually just transferring material - these facilities may be some of the most important contributors to process safety risk in your plant."

Water, Water Everywhere... - "Be aware of chemical reaction hazards of water in your plant - as a reactive chemical, and as a catalyst for other reactions. Understand the design features of your plant which protect against hazardous interactions with water."

Wrong Hose Causes Ammonia Leak! - "Always check that the correct hose is being used for unloading or loading operations. Be particularly careful if you are using a hose that comes with the truck."

Stop! Look! Listen! - "When you are working in a process plant, you should also take time to STOP for a few minutes, LOOK around at your plant, and LISTEN to it. Your plant is always sending you information about its status, but are you looking and listening?"