Organic Process Research & Development has just released its 13th annual compilation of safety issues from scientific literature. It covers:

OPRD logoAccidents

  • Fire and Explosion Disasters in Aftermath of Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Lab Explosion during Distillation of Propargyl Thiocyanate
  • Lessons Learned from Process Safety Incidents
  • Zinc Plant Explosion
  • Methyl Mercaptan Accident
  • Tianjin Blast

Thermal Hazard Evaluations

  • Decoupling Heat Absorption and Generation from Azobis(isobutyronitrile) Decomposition
  • Ammonium Nitrate Thermal Decomposition with Additives
  • Thermal Hazard Assessment for Synthesis of 3-Methylpyridine-N-oxide
  • Analysis of Safety and Kinetic Parameters for Organic Peroxide Decomposition
  • Prediction of Self-Accelerating Decomposition Temperature for Organic Peroxides
  • Math Methods for Application of Experimental Adiabatic Data
  • Vent Sizing of Cumene Hydroperoxide System under Fire Scenario
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry Analysis of Liquid Sodium-Silica Reaction
  • Beyond the Phi Factor
  • Thermal Stability of Propylene Oxide

Hazard Assessment Methodology

  • Systems Theoretic Accident Modeling and Processes (STAMP)-Holistic System Safety Approach or Another Risk Model?
  • Decisions and Decision Support for Major Accident Prevention in Industry
  • Process Safety Management for Managing Contractors in Process Plant
  • Laboratory Safety Culture
  • What Does "Safe" Look and Feel Like?
  • Methods for Identifying Errors in Chemical Process Development and Design
  • Methods and Models in Process Safety and Risk Management: Past, Present and Future
  • Chemical Reactivity in PHA

Scale-up and Scalable Reaction Conditions

  • Application of Safety by Design
  • Scale-up of Epoxide Ring-Opening
  • Scale-up of Alkoxyamines
  • Scale-up of Processes using DMSO

Alternative Reagents

  • Trifluoromethylation with Sodium Trifluoromethanesulfinate
  • Iodonium Ylides as Safe Carbene Precursors
  • Improved Method for Generation of Ohira-Bestmann Reagent
  • Nonafluorobutanesulfonyl Azide as a Shelf Stable Oxidant
  • Additional Trifluoromethylation with Sodium Trifluoromethanesulfinate
  • Deoxyfluorination of Phenols with PhenoFluorMix
  • New Reagent for Synthesis of CF3-Substituted Arenes and Heteroarenes
  • A New Deoxyfluorination Reagent

Dust Hazards

  • Influence of Inert Materials on Flammable Dust Self-Ignition
  • Hazard Evaluation Method for Dust Collector Explosions
  • Dust Explosions in Process Industries