JCHAS cover 2013.03Here's what's in the March-April issue of the Journal of Chemical Health & Safety:

Editorial: Always the right time to do the right thing, by Harry J. Elston

Case study - A two liter pyridine spill in an undergraduate laboratory, by Barrett Eichler (Augustana University)

Operating experience review of an Idaho National Laboratory gas monitoring system, by L.C. Cadwallader, K.G. DeWall, and J.S. Herring (Idaho National Laboratory)

Results of survey among SEVESO establishments in the Slovak Republic, by Katarina Holla, Jozef Ristvej, Valeria Moricova, and Ladislav Novak (University of Zilina)

What to expect when you're inspecting: A summary of academic laboratory inspection programs, by Ryan Wyllie, Kendra Lee, and Bethzayda Matos (Iowa State University); and Sarah Morris-Benavides (Ames Laboratory)

Suitability of polycarbonate safety glasses for UV laser eye protection, by John Jankovic, Michael D. Biegalski, and Scott M. Hollenbeck (Oak Ridge National Laboratory); and Burton R. Ogle, Tracy L. Zontek, and Tina M. Wells (Western Carolina University)

Propylene, by William E. Luttrell and Nathaniel P. Giles (Oklahoma Christian University)

Process safety: More to process safety than regulations, by Dennis C. Hendershot (AIChE's Center for Chemical Process Safety)

EH&S: Pay attention, by Neal Langerman (Advanced Chemical Safety)