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Subject: Re: [DCHAS-L] Spray booths for select carcinogens
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Is a spray booth containment? Potentially?
Yes there is a 25ppm PEL but there is also a regulatory Action Level of 12.5ppm which if exceeded requires extensive work including medical monitoring.  Read 29CFR1910.1052 carefully before using MC.
If one uses a spray booth where does it exhaust to?  If outdoors you will be subject to local fire and building codes.  State and federal permitting may be required for emission of MC along with PaperWork.
Lynn Knudtson

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Subject: Re: [DCHAS-L] Spray booths for select carcinogens
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>Methylene chloride is an IARC Group 2A potential human carcinogen. As such, it becomes a “particularly hazardous substanceâ€=9D under the OSHA lab standard and according to the standard, must be handled in a “containment.â€=9D

>Is a spray booth considered a “containment?â€=9D

Potentially, if it is able to keep the worker exposure levels below PEL of 25 ppm.. The good news is that you can document the containment or lack thereof pretty straightforwardly by sampling the workplace during use of the methylene chloride.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

- Ralph

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