APLU safety culture coverComing up on June 30 is a webinar "to familiarize EH&S professionals and researchers" with the Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities (APLU) "Guide to implementing a Safety Culture in our Universities" that came out in April. From the webinar registration page:

Learning Objectives:
• What is the APLU/AAU Guide to Implementing a Safety Culture in Our Universities, and how is it different from other guidelines that came before (e.g., NAS and ACS guidelines)?
• What is the role of the President or Chancellor, VPR, and EH&S leadership in implementing the recommendations?
• How can EH&S best engage campus leadership and researchers in learning about and helping implement the guidelines and toolkit?
• What are the recommendations and tools available to EH&S for developing or improving a culture of lab safety?
• How can the research and health & safety communities get involved in updating the Guide by adding tools and resources?

The moderator will be:
Nancy Wayne, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Professor of Physiology, University of California, Los Angeles; APLU Lab Safety Task Force Member 

The panelists will be:
Mark McClellan, Vice President for Research and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Utah State University; APLU Lab Safety Task Force Co-Chair
Taylor Eighmy, Vice Chancellor for Research & Engagement, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; APLU Lab Safety Task Force Co-Chair
Kacy Redd, Director, Science & Mathematics Education Policy, APLU; APLU Lab Safety Task Force Staff