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Did you hear about the engineer who died and went to heaven but was refused admittance since his name was not on St. Pete's list so was sent to hell.  Satan welcomed him with open arms.  Some time later the engineer met Satan and noted that is was quite hot in hell and in his previous life he was a HVAC engineer and he could do something about the environmental conditions in hell.  Satan said have at it..  Some time later Satan and St. Pete were having lunch and Satan thanked St. Pete for sending the engineer to hell.  They now have air conditioning, a pool, hot tub, sauna the works and things have not been better.   Wellllll, St. Pete was miffed and told Satan to give the engineer back since he was supposed to be on the heaven list but wasn't due to a clerical error.  Satan said NO!  St. Pete insisted and stated if Satan didn't return the engineer he would sue Satan.  Satan said "Where are you going to find a lawyer?"
Lynn Knudtson

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Amending that bill to improve it would by like trying to set up air-conditioning in hell.

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Ralph, In view of the many shortcomings of the new law, should our Division start proposing a series of amendments for the next session of Congress? Al Denio

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> Note that the slides from today's webinar are available at:
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> Regarding today’s webinar on the new TSCA, our sincere regrets that some people were not able hear the audio or were not able to join at the beginning of the presentation. Our conference lines were overwhelmed by the large number of participants. We plan to host another overview webinar in the near future. Information for this future webinar will be sent out through this Listserv and available at the new TSCA webpage. Please accept our regrets.