jchas-2016-nov-decHere's what's in the November-December issue of the Journal of Chemical Health & Safety:

Editorial: Risk tolerance, by Harry J. Elston

Effects of work practices and upper body movements on the performance of a laboratory fume hood, by Kwangseog Ahn (University of Wisconsin, Whitewater), Michael J. Ellenbecker (University of massachusetts, Lowell), Susan R. Woskie (University of massachusetts, Lowell), and Louis J. DiBerardinis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The application of ductless hoods in laboratories: What everyone should know, by Louis J. DiBerardinis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Evaluation of a secondary school cosmetology safety and health training's effectiveness after implementation of a hierarchy of controls "pyramid game" using the "salon safety quiz," by Alexa A. Patti, Alexsandra A. Apostolico, Lindsey J. Milich, Amy G. Lewis, Alison T. Murtha, and Derek G. Shendell (Rutgers School of Public Health)

Verification study of an emerging fire suppression system, by Michael E. Cournoyer, R. Ryan Waked, Howard N. Granzow, and David C. Gubernatis (Los Alamos National Laboratory

Heat and mass transfer simulation of the human airway for nano-particle water vapor, by Masoud Khajenoori and Ali Haghighi Asl (Semnan University, Iran)

Anatomy of an incident, by Michael E. Cournoyer, Stanley Trujillo, Cindy M. Lawton, Whitney M. Land, and Stephen B. Schreiber (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Terephthalic acid, by William E. Luttrell and Robert L. Hester (Oklahoma Christian University)

Hydrogen fluoride and alkylation, by Neal Langerman (Advanced Chemical Safety)