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Glass Recipes and History

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The following information is from Book of Formulas: Recipes, Methods and Secret Processes prepared by the Editorial Staff of Popular Science Monthly, copyright 1932. I found this book at a public library tag sale. With a title like this and a price tag of 25 cents who could resist?

I have found the publication educational and entertaining on many aspects of life in the early part of this century, when many items were made in the home and not purchased in a store. Homemade adhesives, cosmetics, perfumes, paints and whitewashes, chemistry, metals, arts and decorations, the topics go on and on.

The technical information is claimed to have come from authoritative sources at the time, including U.S. Government scientists and industrial scientists of high standing. The following glass related information is for your enjoyment.

This historical data and information is for your entertainment and educational purposes only. Times have changed and some of the recipes and procedures may contain information and/or material that is or may be harmful to you or the environment. Use them at your own risk!

Recipes for Making Glass

White Bottle Glassparts
Sand (white)64
Sodium Carbonate23
Sodium Nitrate5

(The sodium nitrate acts as a decolorizer)

Violet Glassparts
Soda Ash15
Ferric Oxide2
Common Flintparts
Quartz Sand110
Soda Ash33
Green Bottle Glassparts
Sodium Carbonate26
Blue Glassparts
White sand10
Potassium Carbonate3.5
Red Lead15
Cobalt (ic) Oxide0.4
Red Glassparts
Red Lead200
Copper oxide6
Stannic Oxide6
Green Glassparts
Soda Ash15
Calcium Carbonate5
Ferric Oxide5 to 10
Copper (ic) Oxide3 to 10
Yellow Glassparts
Soda ash25
Wood Charcoal1

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