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Designing The Glassblowing Shop

Designing a new or renovating an existing glassblowing facility can be a rewarding and satisfying experience or a frustrating and intimating process. The design thought processes outlined here may help you in your quest for a modern, efficient and functional glass shop. Detailed and organized information on your facility and operations, communicated to your building committee representative or architect, will help you and the architect produce the best plan for your needs.

General Considerations

Glass Shop Zones

Existing and New Equipment List

Floor Plan

Zone Functions and Requirements


External Links to Helpful Planning and Safety Resources

These sites contain information that may be useful to your glass shop design.

  • Compressed Gas Association
  • OSU Environmental Health and Safety Compressed Gas links
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
  • AACEI Building Cost Estimator
  • Copper Fuel Gas Distribution Information
  • Electrical Information and Calculators at The Engineering ToolBox

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