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AppleScripting QuickBooks 2009 Mac

Script Examples and Techniques: Page 1

On the previous page we learned the basics of AppleScripting QuickBooks 2009 Mac. On this page, we will look at some full-length examples.

Example 1: Automating a report

A reader of Intuit's QuickBooks "Community" wanted to "create a workflow to automate the several steps it takes to get to where I need to go. Chart of accounts - Quick Report - Filters - add filter - Name." Here's how you do that:

If the script doesn't work right, you may need to add some extra delays or increase the delays to 1.0. And We haven't tested this script to see whether it is resolution dependent. And if the mouse commands aren't working, go back to the first page and make sure you've installed the XTools OSAX.

For information on how to save reports as PDF files and email them see Examples page 5.

Example 2: Extracting Invoice Information

Ever want to get information out of an invoice? For example, to run a credit card authorization or create a UPS shipment from the data contained in the invoice? This routine will do the extraction for you:

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