JCHAS coverHere's what's in the March-April issue of the Journal of Chemical Health & Safety:

Editorial: ACS's Lackluster Safety Leadership; by Harry J. Elston

Assessing general ventilation effectiveness in the laboratory; by Ralph Stuart, Ellen Sweet, and Aaron Batchelder (Cornell University)

Investigation of criticality safety control infraction data at a nuclear facility; by Michael E. Cournoyer, James F. Merhege, David A. Costa, Blair M. Art, and David C. Gubernatis (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

The "Salon Safety Quiz" for pre-/post-evaluation assessment when training young cosmetology workers in public secondary school; Alexsandra A. Apostolico, Derek G. Shendell, Amy G. Lewis, Sarah W. Kelly, and Alison T. Murtha (Rutgers School of Public Health), and Jenny L. Houlroyd (Georgia Tech Research Institute)

Implementing the Hazard Communication Standard final rule: Lessons learned; Koshy Koshy, Michael Presutti, and Mitchel A. Rosen (Rutgers School of Public Health)

Nitrogen; by William E. Luttrell (Oklahoma Christian University)

Competition for EH&S program funding; by David Rainer (North Carolina State University)

A new sheriff in town; by John DeLaHunt

Texas City - Ten years later; by Dennis C. Hendershot (AIChE Center for Chemical Process Safety)

Chemical waste management; by Peter C. Ashbrook (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Expand Process Safety Management; by Neal Langerman (Advanced Chemical Safety)

Professor Safety; by Ken Fivizzani