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What is Structure World?

cover illustration
Crystal Structures:
Lattices and Solids in

by Mark Ladd
Structure World is designed for students who are interested in learning the basic structures of inorganic chemistry. Each structure here is shown in several different representations and includes a model that you can manipulate and rotate in real time if you have the proper plug-in installed.

Structure World was originally designed to accompany a senior to graduate level special topics course in Solid State Chemistry, but is also useful in other introductory inorganic courses. It should therefore be of interest to inorganic chemists everywhere.

To make the best use of these pages, you will want to install a current copy of MDL's Chime Plug-In in your broswer [Note: MDL has never released a version for Mac OS X - be sure to contact them and complain]. Once you've done this you can view a variety of three dimensional inorganic crystal structures and manipulate them in real time!

We only have a limited number of structures on display. Maybe someday there will be more, but probably not anytime soon.

Structures available for viewing


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