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E-Network 	July 2008 =09
Dear Safety Professional, 
There has been much written over the years regarding whether safety 
award programs can produce results.  Obviously from our perspective, and 
after many years of observation, we emphatically say that they have, 
they do and they will, but with some caveats.  Following is the first of 
a three part article on the subject.  Safety incentives will produce 
results and we can show you how.  If you have any questions on it, 
please let us know.  Contact Us.  

Bob Farmer 
Do Safety Award Programs Really Produce Results?=09


Part I


Many safety managers ask a great question.

"Do safety incentives really produce results?"


There are at least two schools of thought voiced by safety managers:


1.	"Tangibly appreciating and recognizing individual behaviors that 
improve specific safety performance and outcomes have a measurable and 
dramatic impact on the overall safety and financial performance of a 

2.	"We pay our people to function in a safe manner and get the results 
the company wants.  They are already paid to work safe."


Before you determine which answer is the right one for your 
organization, there are certain aspects you need to consider.  These are 
founded in the answer to the following key question and the criteria 
stated below:

A Key Question:
Does your organization actively measure, analyze and broadcast safety 
performance and outcomes in terms of:

=D8     The related costs of workers compensation claims.

=D8     Healthcare costs increases or decreases due to incidents and 

=D8     The impact on operating expenses due to lost time and added 
labor costs.

=D8     Is there a well-communicated and understood correlation between 
safety behaviors, performance, and the overall financial performance of 
your organization?

=D8     Do all of the individuals in your organization relate their 
personal safety behaviors on-the-job and daily performance to the above 
four safety issues?


 If the answer to the above is YES! You are in a great position to 
measurably and expediently improve your safety behaviors, performance, 
and related outcomes by implementing a safety incentive program using a 
valuable safety appreciation and recognition system like  A safety incentive program based on the above 
criteria will provide tangible appreciation and results based on 
measurable improvements,and these results can be significant!  
If the answer to the above is "No," "Not Sure," "Sometimes,"  "A 
Little," or "Maybe," you 
might want to consider postponing your award program and  start first by 
making improvements to items as noted above! And 
can help you do so!


 Safety Incentive Programs Go Beyond the Safety Behaviors Addressed by 
Basic Compensation!



In numerous studies (please contact us for further information on these 
studies) the number one driver that motivates people to excel is 
"Appreciation for a job well done!" and "Recognition for making and 
taking that extra effort!"

A safety program can be a highly effective performance improvement tool 
by answering, addressing, and "Linking" three critical elements in 
"Getting the job done!"



Do the individuals clearly understand the defined safety goals and the 
impact their safety behaviors have on the required functional and 
financial outcomes of the company?



Do the individuals understand how he / she "links and is connected to" 
the defined safety goals and the impact their safety behaviors have on 
the required functional and financial outcomes?



Do they realize and live everyday the fact that their safety behaviors 
on-the-job directly effect the ability of the organization to achieve 
the defined safety goals and the impact their safety behaviors have on 
the required functional and financial outcomes.   And, do they 
understand how their safety behaviors are critical to their individual 
and team's overall well-being and future security?


When this "Linkage" and understanding is clear, your coworkers actively 
and aggressively seek ways to continuously improve their safety 
behaviors, performance, and company outcomes.  Appreciating and tangibly 
recognizing your coworkers for doing so is one of The Keys to Improving 
and Sustaining Safety Performance and Positive Outcomes for All!

Part II of "Do Safety Award Programs Really Produce Results" Will focus 
on what you should recognize and reward in a safety incentive program.  
If you have any questions or comments on this Part I please Contact Us 

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Feedback? =09
At PerfectSafetyAward we strive to provide you with 
"Straignt Talk" on incentive awards for safey programs.
 If you have any feedback, would like further information or have any 
questions, we would 
welcome your comments.   Contact Us  
Thank you for taking the time to review this e-newletter.
Bob Farmer
Vice President Safety Solutions




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 In a recent study of truck drivers by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety 
Administration, safety incentives reduced insurance claims by 65%! 
When properly using an incentive structure that offers progressively 
increasing safety awards you can achieve tremendous results and also 
help to retain good employees.  For a recap of this article please 
Contact Us  
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