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Iridocyclitis is an inflammation of the iris (the colored part of the eye) and of the ciliary body (muscles and tissue involved in focusing the eye). Inflammation of iris alone is called anterior uvetitis or iritis.

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The condition can be marked by red eye, pain, photophobia (light sensitivity, literally "fear of light"), watering of the eyes and a decrease in vision. If only one eye is affected, shining light in the good eye can produce pain in the affected eye.

This is closely related to conjunctivitis, swelling of the mucous membranes around the eye.

Treatments include steroid, atropine, antibiotic or antiviral eyedrops.

SDS Relevance

On Safety Data Sheets this term usually appears in Section 11 (toxicological information) as a symptom of exposure, usually through direct eye contact as a liquid or vapor. Always read your SDS's before using a material so you know what potential hazards exist and how to protect yourself. Consult Section 4 (first-aid measures) if you are exposed.

Exposure to chemicals that irritate the eyes (such as lachrymators) can cause iridocyclitis or aggravate an existing case. Seek medical treatment if the condition does not clear up on its own.

If you are not certain whether a chemical was splashed in your eye or you are suffering from iridocyclitis you should consult a physician immediately.

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Further Reading

See also: conjunctivitis, eye wash, inflammation.

Additional definitions from Google and OneLook.

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