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Guardian Equipment G1814 eyewash

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The sclera is "the whites of your eyes", the white outer coat of the eyeball that surrounds the cornea all the way back to the optic nerve.

eyeball picture

Do not confuse this term with "multiple sclerosis", a disease involving the central nervous system.

SDS Relevance

This term usually appears on Section 4 (first-aid measures) of a Safety Data Sheet in reference to symptoms or potential eye damage. The sclera may be damaged by corrosive chemicals or vapors. Always wear proper eye protection and know the hazards of the materials your are working with.

person wearing a face mask and face shield

Face shields can protect your eyes and face from splashes and are available along with other PPE products at Safety Emporium.

Further Reading

See also: Conjunctivitis, eye wash, nystagmus.

Additional definitions from Google and OneLook.

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